We are Mystic Pants, a consulting company focus on building, connecting and delivering magic products to the internet. Our philosophy is to help you develop your idea from conception to production, bringing your living product to the market faster and at a lower cost. 

We are professionals currently managing more than 2 million IoT devices. 

We use a selection of packaged proven technologies to achieve this and transform the IoT product development experience by removing variability and complexity while still providing flexibility and security.

When it comes to hardware development the core of our approach is to use devices based on proven, scalable, manufacturable patterns, coupled with an easy to use, low-cost IoT platform that automates the product development experience and can be further extended with custom.

Wherever you find IoT magic products, you will find Mystic Pants.

Let’s get started and build something together, contact us.




Mystic Team

Aron Steg
Software engineer with 20+ years experience producing efficient, secure and scalable solutions. His background includes SMS, M2M and IoT. He is a veteran of multiple successful startups with a wealth of experience and has assisted projects to evolve from idea to global scale deployment.
Gavin Knight
Experienced in product and team management in mining, agriculture, systems automation and mobile applications. He specialises in matching technologies to applications and leads a team of engineers and other resources to complete your projects quickly and accurately the first time. 
Sean Clayton
Sean has over 15 years of managerial experience and is the Corporate operations manager for Mystic Pants and all of its IoT endeavours, if you have had any dealings with the Pants Sean has been apart of making sure things ran smoothly. Taking care of most of the digital marketing Sean helped make this page that you are on become a mystical reality.
Marc Stringer
Marc is an Electrical engineer with a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Engineering from The University of Melbourne. Marc has been working with Mystic Pants for over a year and has developed expertise in both embedded software and hardware design. Marc is also a co-founder of the med-tech company Stelect Pty Ltd.
Drew Nuttall-Smith
Drew has been working in the Internet of Things industry since the start of 2015 including embedded software and hardware development. Drew has worked on a wide range of projects for Mystic Pants from industrial and automotive products to various consumer products. Drew has studied Software Engineering at RMIT University.
Jaye Heffernan
Jaye is a software developer for embedded systems and backend. With 5+ years programming experience including ongoing development and support for Toymail and Conctr IoT platform. BSc: Mathematics and Statistics, MSc: Data Science (in progress). Vim nerd.
Jack Zheng
Jack works on embedded firmware development for the C1. Also produces videos for the Mystic Pants Youtube channel. He has a black belt in coffee drinking and studied his Master of Engineering at the University of Melbourne.
Derrick Cheung
After graduating from Monash University with a Bachelor of Software Engineering, Derrick found his niche in frontend development and gained essential skills and experiences to develop web-based applications.
Sumeet Rajpal
Sumeet is a talented backend and mobile developer with 4+ years of combined experience in app development, cyber security, embedded systems and recently deep neural networks. Sumeet develops and supports the Conctr IoT platform. Currently heading the Mysticpants Africa branch.
Alejandra Maya
Alejandra is an industrial designer with a background in graphic and visual design. She worked as a visual merchandiser back in Colombia. She has done professional photography in fashion and food context and has gained experience as a graphic designer working as a freelancer and for Mystic Pants.
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