Modern Families: The Struggle Is Real


Modern families are faced with uniquely modern challenges: screen time, disparate physical and mental health data, hectic schedules, and that elusive work-life balance.

Has Jim reached his triathlon training goal today? Is Jacob still on the iPad? How well did Betsy sleep last night? When does Tyson’s soccer practice end?

Modern families are being pulled in every direction. Busy parents are expected to commit 100% of their energy to work, as well as to their kids, aging grandparents, each other, and themselves. Pulling the many threads of family life together, while trying to solve daily challenges as they arise, can feel like a relentless and impossible challenge.

For most modern families, and you may be able to relate, their goal is a harmonious family life where the family home acts as a hub. A hub where busy parents can have visibility over the entire family’s activities in order to catch problems before they arise. A hub where every family member can get on top of what they need to do each day. A hub where the entire family can play, laugh, and dream together.

This goal (ahem, lofty aspiration) of a harmonious family life promises to leave space for the important stuff. Stuff like spending quality time together, forming positive habits, watching the clouds, and planning for the future. These aspects of family life simply don’t fit into a chaotic schedule of school pickups and work presentations. It’s hard. And we can’t keep up either.


What if there were a solution to everyday family challenges?

What if there were a way to keep on top of school reports, sleep tracking, notes on the fridge, Fitbit data, the family calendar, screen time monitoring, chore lists, fitness challenges, rewards, and the rest?

We are imagining a world where families can live in sync with one another. Where parents have the time and energy to achieve family goals, as well as nurture their child’s aspirations alongside their own.

We are parents as well. We burn dinner while trying to extract the reason our child is upset after school. We forget to properly check in with our significant other – the person pulling the threads alongside us. Heck, we forget to check in with ourselves. The insight we have into our families and the challenges they face every day has driven us to look for a solution. A better way of family life.

The thing is, we can’t do this alone. Families are unique and they face different challenges. We want to build a solution for every family – for your family. To do this, we need to know what your challenges are. What contributes to the daily chaos that gets in the way of your goals? What tasks fall by the wayside that you wish you had time for? In what ways do you struggle to find time to nurture your family?

We are really excited to get to know your family to guide the development and design of the ideal solution for your family challenges. Click here to schedule a time for a confidential chat with us. Let’s build a solution together that fits you and your family’s lifestyle.