Reinventing the Billboard (Part 2 … this time its personal)


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Specific Use case

A bold(ish) prediction; the advent of voice assistants is heralding a fundamental transformation in human to computer dynamics. Asking a question about today’s weather or playing the latest Netflix show is just the start. Consumer evolution will kick in like it did with mobile phones and we will embrace two-way conversations with devices. For businesses, getting a footing into that new world is now a very pressing idea.

For instance, a Budweiser Red Light connected to the game you are watching and can flash when your team scores, reminds you to grab yourself a beer. (This is already a thing.) Getting it to ask Alexa how many beers you have left in the fridge is a natural progression. As are the connections consumers will have to the brand.

But what about other products? Could your automotive parts vendor have a content strategy built around a connected device? What about brand connected to its users such as a a plant monitor that notifies you when its time to water/feed your plants a device which lets you and your mechanic know when your car is due for a service and books a loan car for you or a light bar that changes colours to let other people know you are driving a share car, or a frying pan that shares recipe recommendations.

About Mystic Pants

Mystic Pants is a startup tech company that connects products to the Internet. We help brands engage with their customers through those products. For example, we helped BuzzFeed build a frying pan that delivers video recipes and cooks your meals perfectly every time; we helped Toymail develop a connected plush toy for children to communicate with their travelling parents; and we built the tech that allows Budweiser to deliver real-time ice hockey alerts to their fans. We offer an end-to-end product-as-a-service so the agency can focus on the message while we deliver a magical experience..

We offer an end-to-end product-as-a-service so the agency can focus on the message while we deliver a magical experience.

What ideas might you have for your clients? Are they exploring new customer engagement forms?

Are you recommending social, media, EDM’s or are you thinking innovation?