Getting Started in the IoT World


We’re currently at the peak of the Internet of Things (IoT) hype cycle and if you haven’t heard about it, you’ve been sleeping under a rock with earplugs in. As the fear hits for executives at companies who aren’t making use of IoT, they madly scramble and ask for help with “adding a little IoT” to their business, whether that involves introducing a suite of sensors onto manufacturing floors or integrating wireless communication modules into consumer products. So how does one step into the murky unknowns of the IoT ecosystem?

Most traditional companies are extremely risk averse and the only way to encourage them to explore their IoT strategy is through a small-scale Proof of Concept (PoC) which can offer an immediate Return on Investment (ROI). This usually involves solving smaller problems faced by the business, such as an inventory tracking system for tools which uses GPS, or a vibration monitoring system for their production equipment to determine optimal maintenance schedules. Often, that’s the end of the story, the business has whet their appetite for IoT and have seen first hand what it can do for their business and are satisfied with the ROI and insights generated by the project. Sometimes, they return after a number of weeks, months or years with a new project that fully makes use of the potential of IoT.

For another type of customer, a successful PoC ignites their interest in the business value that IoT can bring. After having their faith in the technology stack, the people and the hardware validated, they’re ready to tackle some of their core business issues, such as fully automating one of their assembly lines and collecting data every step of the process, or adding Over the Air firmware update capability to millions of consumer appliances.

Getting started with IoT isn’t as intimidating as it might seem, you just need a bit of a push in the right direction to get started. With more and more IoT prototyping options available like the C1 Development Kit, it’s easy to dip your toes into IoT. And if you’re looking for some help in growing your IoT capabilities, Mystic Pants have helped a number of clients enter the IoT sphere with PoCs and deployments which have helped customers mature their IoT strategy. So if you’re looking to explore what this “Internet of Things” can do for you, come chat to Mystic Pants.

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