Founded in 2016, Mystic Pants is a consulting company with specific experience building, connecting and delivering Internet of Things products.

We have grown a team of specialist staff all of whom work following our own Mystic Methodology which will allow you to quickly and efficiently move through PoC and Field Trials and to full deployment in a compressed time frame. Using low-cost hardware that is always designed to be manufactured and deployed at great scale, and a flexible and secure software platform we always meet customers expectations for application development.

We currently manage around 2,000,000 devices in the field for our clients. We use a selection of packaged proven technologies to achieve this and transform the IoT product development experience by removing variability and complexity while still providing flexibility and security.

When it comes to hardware development the core of our approach is to use devices based on proven, scalable, manufacturable patterns, coupled with an easy to use, low-cost IoT platform that automates the product development experience and can be further extended with custom.

To find out more get in contact with one of our consultants and let's build something together.

The Mystic Pants team have years of experience
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