Riding the IoT Hypecycle…Where to?

With CeBIT and IoT World clearly on my horizon, I’m turning my attention to customer expectations. I’m wondering where we are in the hypecycle and how I can help our customers to cut through to successful commercial outcomes in an increasingly noisy and crowded environment. How burnt and tarnished are we getting? Here’s a simple test, Google “IoT just about anything you can think of” and you will see an SEO and Adwords war played out with “Big N” accounting firms and mid-century tech behemoths duking it out to declare their dominance as thought leaders like a troop of howler monkeys; and that’s not just bananas they are slinging either.

It’s confusing, it’s frustrating, but it’s normal. I have to keep reminding myself, I’ve seen this before a dozen times as technologies rise up and fall away just as Lao Tzu told me they would. Between FUD and FOMO it’s tough to know how to proceed, so I return to first principles for an answer:

“The best is still the enemy of the good” There won’t be a ubiquitous single platform/hardware/management solution for every IoT requirement. Standards and co-existence will emerge over the next 10 years. Delaying deployments while you wait for clarity will prove more costly than moving now with the information you have, because there’s a very good chance you will end up replacing your first generation platform in five years anyway. If your application meets ROI today, every-day you delay is eating into your competitive advantage.

“Good things come to those who hustle” Moving quickly at the smallest viable scale that will meet your ROI requirements will give you the quick wins (or the low cost losses) you need to learn and really nail your long-term IoT strategy.

Ignore the hype, cut to your requirements, get moving.

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